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Notes fr 1st Garvagh marriages, not  known to relate to  the defined families on

Sept 22 1809  Neal McCloy and Mary McNeary

May 1    1812  Jno McNerry and Mary Thompson att Wm Patterson and Dvd Thomps

Feb 4     1814  Wm Chambers and Martha McNeary att Wm Andrew & Jno McNerry

Apr 1     1825  Thos Bell and Elizabeth McNeary att Jno McNeary and others

Jan 8     1829   William Meek & Mary McNery, att Jas Stragan and Matthew McNery

Aug 26  1830   James McNeary and Mary Wilson  att William Wilson and his daughter

Feb 25   1831            Jno McNeary & Mary Hennery att Robt Hennery and Archbd Darragh

Feb 2   1844            Robt McNery & Rachel Ross att Rbt Ill and brides mother


Baptisms and Births 1st Garvagh,  relation not known to defined McNeary families

Jan 3 1797            Richard McAnary    Magheramore

Jul 16 1799            Margaret McAnary Magheramore