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Paul E. 
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Peggy's  Families


 is accumulating and posting information on the McNeary (and similar like McAnary and MacNeary) names wherever they are.  In Ireland, our focus is in CO Londonderry where a concentration of McNeary familys existed near Garvagh and Coleraine in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.   We do have an extensive posting on another Irish/American group descended from John and Bridget McNearyfrom either western or southern Ireland. 

We will also consider posting and/or linking to information on other somewhat similar names such as McEnery, McNerny, McInery, as such becomes available.  These groups tended to be in southern and western Ireland.  

As to McNearys in the US, those who are descended from Irish roots of which we are aware are or will be posted.  As to others in the US, as we acquire information on several generations we will post and share. also deals with the genealogy of Wm. Wilson (Bill) McNeary II and Margaret  B. (Peggy) Drake - and their ancestors.  Their ancestry obviously involves a number of families, so we have, and will have more pages dedicated to various related families.   

Surnames on the McNeary paternal side include Courtenay/Courtney, Green, Gilmore, Lennox, McNeary, Paul,  Wilson and Woodburn.  Surnames on the McNeary maternal side include Anderson, Green, Isham, Maxwell, Pennypacker, Pannebecker, Randolph, Roberts, Royster, Umstat, and Woodson.

Surnames on the Drake family include Crawford, Diehl, Drake, Goodin, Leach, Moore and McWilliam.

Much of the information available on these pages, or linked from these pages, is the work of others. 

The Pannebakker/Pfannebecker/Pennebaker/Pennypacker family with origins in Flomburn Germany celebrated the 300th anniversary of the marriage of Hendrick Pannebecker and Eve Umstat, on the 4th of July weekend 1999, at Pennypacker Mills, Pennsylvania.. The family history as well as the genealogy of the Weiant Pennebaker descendants is found on Paul E. Pennebaker's web page.  

We tentatively have a "starter" page up, on which we hoope to post information from the Pannebecker Family Association which puts out a quarterly news letter, and hopefully will be working on a future Pennypacker/Pennybaker and the like reunion several years hence.  Don't expect much on that site until March 2008.  Hopefully by then we will know if and where we are going on that site.

The descendants of Hendrick Pannebecker (1673-1754) and Eve Umstat (1685-1745) -- Ron Mitchell, one of Hendrick's many descendants maintains an extensive Pannebecker genealogical database.  Ron is president of the Pannebakker Family Association, and will respond to genealogical inquiries, and would like have information you can provide on this family.      Hendrick married Eve in 1699 in Germantown PA

In examining Ron Mitchell's database, very few of Richard (1) Pennypacker's descendants are traced beyond the 8th generation from Hendrick and Eve.  I am descended from Richard(2) Pennypacker  via Clara Alleta Pennypacker, Richard's daughter, who married Cornelius Clay Green. Clara and Cornelius were my great grand parents. The ancestry of our family through the Pennypacker, Umstats, Roberts,  Randolphs, Woodson can be seen through this CLICK

My immediate family's connection is Hendrick Pannebecker/Jacob/Jacob/Richard(1)/Richard(2) Pennypacker/Clara Alleta Pennypacker m Cornelius Clay Green/ Raymond Clay Green m Sadie Maxwell/ Jane Elizabeth Green m Wm. J. L. McNeary,  myself William W. McNeary II/ William W. McNeary III/ and grand children. As well as our other children Mary Ella McNeary Yamashita/and grandchild, and Harvey Drake McNeary.  (11 generations). 

Ancestors and descendants of Cornelius Clay Green and Clara Alleta Pennypacker, (daughter of Richard (2) Pennypacker) are on this site.  . 

My McNeary ancestors are descended from Matthew McNeary, born 1794 at Magheramore, Garvagh, CO Derry, NI. He married Sarah Paul. Their son James Rentoul McNeary, who married Margaret Wilson, appears to be the only child of Matthew shown to have children. Click here to see most of the known descendants of Matthew McNeary and Sarah Paul, thanks to work of Matthew Wilson McNeary and Jane Green McNeary. 

Our Wilson ancestors begin with John Wilson b 1778 Ballyagan who married Mary Woodburn b1791 Ballintemple, daughter of Matthew Woodburn and Elizabeth Gilmore. John and Mary Wilson had William Wilson, who married first Nancy Young, and after her death Jane Wilson of Dernagross, daughter of David Wilson. William and Jane were parents of Magaret Wilson who married JamesRentoul McNeary, my great grandfather. James R McNeary and Margaret had ten children, one being William Wilson McNeary, my grandfather, who was born in 1880 at Kurin, a townland adjacent to Magheramore and to Tirkeeran.  In 1892, James Rentoul McNeary had a house built which the family moved into and named Tirkeeran

<>To be added to what we publish on the Magheramore/Garvagh/Tirkeeran McNearys is another generation or two who we see on the Church Visitation lists from 1796 by James Brown, of the Garvagh Presbyterian Church. We have found another Matthew, father of our Matthew, and we think a brother to this new Matthew named Nicholas, and third family, James, who may be another brother, all living at the townland Magheramore near Garvagh, in County Derry in 1796.

McNearys in the US  summarizes the various McNeary groups I think I've identified in the US.    

Peggy's Ancestors on her father Harvey E. Drake's side start with William Drake b 1794 Bedford County VA /James C. Drake b1835 Hardin County KY / Harvey Taylor Drake b 1867 Van Buren, Ia  m. Maggie McWilliam b 1865 Van Buren IA. This couple settled in Scotland County MO, near Memphis MO.. Harvey's mother Maggie McWilliam descends from Samuel McWilliam, b1800 Co Antrim Ireland/ Crawford McWilliam / Maggie McWilliam m Harvey Taylor Drake/Harvey Ernest Drake. Harvey married Mary Deal, descended from Hans George Diehl, b1664, Plfatz, Germany whose descendants inhabit(ed) York PA. Henry Jacob Diehl, Mary Deal's gf came to MO and settled in a town which became known as Diehlstat, MO. John Deal married Ella Minnie Goodin, descended from Goodins, Moores, Swanks and other early settlers of Charleston, MO. Harvey and Mary Drake's daughters are Margaret (Peggy) Drake McNeary and Marry Ella Drake Waggener.  

More on Drake -- Kerry Drake and Eugene Bruner both are descended from William Drake, father of James C. Drake. One has traced back several  generations prior. I hope to access and share that information that relates directly to our immedate family, and linking to the more detailed data when availabe. 

Myrtle Goodin Smith of Charleston, MO did extensive work on the genealogy of the Moores, Goodins, Swanks, and many other related families of Southeast Missouri. In time parts of it may be posted to the extent that it relates to the antecedants of Peggy. A copy of Mrs. Smith's extensive charts showing the genealogy of these families is available at the Clara Newnam Library in Charleston, Missouri. 

A page has been started on Garvagh, Coleraine, County Londerry. Initially I have put up links to sites that relate in someway to Garvagh, or nearby communities, or people whose genealogy includes people from Garvagh, or Irish things of interest. If you know of sites to which we should link, please let me know. (Not much there now.)

Tirkeeran -- Another website I am using is    Tirkeeran has long been a part of our McNeary family.  On that site is a picture of the McNeary home built in 1892, and about to be demolished when we visited it in May 2006.

Other Irish ancestors of mine come from Belfast and Co Antrim. Help is needed here. Specifically we have Richard Courtney who according to Anna Courtney Lennox, came to Ballymena to start Braidwater Spinning, which I understand was the first linen mill of its type in Ireland. His daughter Mary Ann married Thomas Lennox from Glasgow at Ballymena, CO Antrim in 1870..  We know they lived at Belfast from 1870 at least through 1880. Mary Jane Lennox was the oldest and Anna Courtenay Lennox , b 21 June 1880 in Belfast, was the younger. Anna (Nancy) was my grandmother. She seems to have immigrated to the US in 1895 at age 15 and appears to have lived in Garvagh, CO Derry, for some time prior to that. . Mary Jane served as a nurse in the Spanish American War having immigrated prior to then. Nancy and Mary Jane had a sister Margaret, and brothers Thomas and Samuel. All we know of Margaret is that we have note from her to Anna, sent from Drufries, Scotland.And Anna's address book has an address for Samuel Lennox. We have almost no information Richard Courtney other than his connection with Braidwater. Richard does not appear to be part of the well documented Irish or English Courtenays. We do know Anna Courtenay Lennox had an uncle, son of Richard Courtney, Andrew Hall Courtney, who corresponded from Victoria Australia in 1919. Andrew married Sarah Gaunt, and had a son William Gaunt Courtney who married Maggie Ann Martin, and a daughter Annie Hall Courtney.  In the letter, Andrew mentioned Dick soon to return from the War.  Richard George Courtney is shown to have returned from the war at approximately that time, and is possibly the "Dick" mentioned.    My particular interests are to know more about Thomas Lennox and Richard Courtney, and their families and to try to find living descendents.

<>Summary of Courtney
1. Richard Courtney - was said to have come to Ballymena in his later years  "to establish" Braidwater Spinning. 
    Richard is referred to as Overseer at Mill 1870 in Mary Ann's marriage record 
    Braidwater Spinning was chartered in 1860-62 time frame. 
    2. Mary Ann Courtney, est b 1845
     +Sp  Thomas Lennox 1870
                3. Mary Jane 1871
                3  Margaret 1873
                3  Anna 1874 b&d 
                3 Ann 1878,
                3 Thomas 1879
                3 Samuel 1880 
                    Our Anna Courtney Lennox was born 1880 (or said she was) Married to W Wilson McNeary of Tirkeeran/Magheramore
    2.  Andrew H. Courtney, we estimate was born about 1855 in England, Scotland or Ireland. We have a letter of his to Anna Courtney 
                    Lennox,  in1919,  from an address Emsley, 26 Hume St., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
    +Sp  Sarah Gaunt
                 3.  Annie Hall Courtney lived until 1965,  and is shown to live at that same address.
                 3? Richard George Courtney?
                 3.  William Gaunt Courtney
                  +Sp  Maggie Ann Martin

              Would appreciate any information on this family.  We'd like to find living descendants other than ourselves.


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